Cutting through Clutter


Let’s have a moment of silence for the thousands of press releases headed for the news editor’s delete file at this very second. At JBT Media Solutions we know what it takes to get the media to pay attention because we’ve sat in the editor’s chair. We can help you create and execute a world-class communications plan that will grow your business.


We can help you harness the power of social media to engage and grow your audience.


76 percent of all marketers plan to add video to their websites this year according to the Social Media Examiner. Why? It has everything to do with the fact that 60 percent of internet usage today involves video. The e-commerce experts report that more than half of all consumers say they feel more confident making a purchase after seeing a company’s video. JBT Media’s video solutions will put your company’s marketing far ahead of your competitors.


Let JBT Media Solutions put its four decades of news and media experience to work for you. Let us pitch your story and watch what we can make happen.


“JBT Media Solutions opens doors that few can pass through- their close connections span newsrooms across the continent and into the corridors of power. When you need your story told from your point of view JBT Media Solutions is the best in the business.”


Brian Patterson- President- Ontario Safety League


We have experience dealing with both small and big budgets. How big? This big.


Our founder John Beattie created and produced the world’s first 4D motion ride tourism ad for Ontario at the Vancouver Olympics in 2010.


“John has ideas that will blow your mind with the impact they have on the masses. He thinks big and way outside the box and has the connections to pull it all together in a stunning reality.”


Ariel Garten- President, Interaxon


Beattie grabbed the attention of reporters everywhere with the world’s largest thought-controlled computing tourism and technology promotion – allowing people to use their brains to manipulate the lighting of Ontario icons including the CN Tower.


It’s your story. Let’s amaze everyone with how we tell it.


Storytelling that connects.