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"John Beattie is a master-storyteller and one of the best in the business. He has a powerful sense of how to use words and images to make any story come to life."

The late Peter Jennings- ABC News Managing Editor and Anchor


"John Beattie’s ability in visual storytelling is world class. His work is consistently unique, emotional, and deeply impactful."

Kevin Newman- News Anchor


"A producer of the highest level, John Beattie continuously raises the bar. John’s unique ability to shape a story while under deadline is unmatched, and his sense of production to make all his stories as compelling as possible is a thrill to behold."

Sean Smith - Sr. VP Programming and Development- FOX News


"John's years of experience as an Executive News Producer honed his remarkable skill to focus information and people on what is relevant, removing distractions and cutting through the noise. That kind of clarity makes him a master communicator who keeps people and organizations on message and on task."

Ron Waksman- Senior Director of Online, Current Affairs and Editorial Standards and Practices at Global News